The Best Leather Backpacks For School And College

Schools are reopening and it is time for back-to-school supplies. A dependable, sturdy, comfortable backpack is a must-have. With so many options available, it can be difficult to decide on which type is the best. For a great, reliable school backpack, the most important things to consider are:

  • Durability – you should look for quality materials and craftsmanship.
  • Comfort - ergonomic, adjustable straps can save your back.
  • Protection – you need a sturdy, weather-resistant bag to keep your stuff safe.
  • Organization – easily accessible, specific compartments for laptops, books, and other supplies offer organization and protection.
  • Space – your bag needs to be able to safely store all your school supplies.
  • Appearance – you should have a bag as beautifully unique as yourself.
  • Budget – never sacrifice reliability for a “bargain” bag.

Best school backpack for school


Most back-to-school bags take a daily beating, so the first thing to consider when purchasing a great backpack is durability. Students sling backpacks over their shoulders, shove them into cubbies, and drop them on concrete. Backpacks get banged around - saving money on a bargain bag that falls apart is not a great bargain, is it? Cute nylon and canvas bags can be inexpensive upfront but replacing them year after year gets costly. Imitation leather can crack and tear – it may look like the real thing, but the copycats do not have the same stamina as 100% real leather. A genuine full-grain crazy horse leather bag like the Hinton Backpack will last for many years with proper care. This bag also has YKK zippers – the best zippers in the world. Caring for your leather backpack is simple and involves a minimal amount of time – wipe it dry when it gets wet and condition the bag a few times each year.

Zippers and stitching are vital to consider when purchasing a good, reliable backpack. Look for YKK zippers and precision hand-stitching like you see on our Napa Leather Backpack at Yukon Bags. Poor stitching leads to ripped seams and broken straps. Struggling with faulty or broken zippers is frustrating. YKK is well known for producing the most dependable zippers on the market, and hand-stitching denotes a high-quality bag that can hold up for years of rough-and-tumble usage.

The Best Leather Backpacks For School



Another consideration is comfort. Students must lug their pack every day, from one classroom to the next. Adjustable ergonomic straps ensure that the bag will sit comfortably, reducing the strain on your back. Look for a bag with adjustable, ergonomic straps like our Harper Large Backpack.

A comfortable backpack needs to be lightweight enough for daily use. Cheap, knock-off leather can be heavy. Authentic crazy horse leather is comfortably lightweight and offers the rugged durability that only real leather provides. Always look for genuine full-grain crazy horse leather when purchasing a leather bag or backpack. The expenditure on a high- quality leather bag guarantees comfort and durability, and because full-grain leather can last a lifetime it is a worthwhile investment.


The Best Leather Backpacks For Collage


A great backpack needs to do more than merely lug your books from one classroom to the next, it should also protect your supplies. Look for a backpack with a dedicated laptop compartment and separate pockets for your pens, pencils, notebooks, etc. Our Harper Leather Backpack is the perfect bag for school needs. This rugged pack is 100% full-grain crazy horse leather. The bag has double-latches to keep everything safe, secure, and dry. This backpack has a padded compartment to protect your laptop, with separate zippered pockets inside and out to organize cellphones, keys, books, and other supplies. The Ergonomic straps provide the ultimate in comfort, and the detachable lining makes cleaning the interior a snap.

When protecting your contents, you need a water-resistant bag. Crazy horse leather is authentic full-grain cowhide that has been buffed with a natural wax to increase water-resistance. Our Frances Leather Backpack is a perfect example of a high-quality crazy horse leather bag. The durable leather and YKK zippers keep everything dry, organized, and safe from the elements. The full-grain crazy horse leather is water-resistant and has a striking vintage patina.

Best school backpack for school


Good organization is vital in a school backpack. Look for a bag with multiple compartments, front and side pockets, and a padded laptop compartment. More compartments and pockets provide better organization and accessibility. Our Napa Large Backpack is a miracle of space and organization. This striking bag accommodates laptops of up to 15”, and the multiple pockets make organizing your supplies a breeze. The padded laptop compartment, secure pockets, and 100% authentic crazy horse leather all provide superior protection against bumps, bangs, and bad weather.  

Best school backpack for collage


Backpacks are built to hold everything from books to clothing. Authentic leather has an edge against the competition - full-grain leather is soft, with enough give to comfortably hold anything that you need. Look for a bag with space for schoolbooks, a dedicated compartment to protect your laptop, and pockets for pens, pencils, and all your other items.

Our Yukon Leather Backpack is the perfect bag to store all your supplies, and the multitude of pockets and compartments allows space for everything, with each thing in its place.


Style is significant to most of us. Leather easily beats out the competition in this department. A high-quality leather bag is a timeless accessory. Crazy horse leather is authentic full-grain leather that has been buffed with a natural wax to resist bumps, scratches, and the elements. This durable leather has a unique color-changing ability – bumps and scratches merely change the hue, creating a burnished vintage glow. Only authentic crazy horse leather has the unique ability to turn bumps and scratches into a stunning variety of hues. This tonal variety is exclusive to crazy horse leather – providing a one-of-a-kind look that ages beautifully.

This buttery-soft leather is deceptively rugged, making it the ideal choice for college and school backpacks. Leather lends a sophisticated edge to every outfit. Due to the natural characteristics that can only be found in authentic full-grain leather, each crazy horse bag has uniquely distinctive markings. The Napa Large Backpack is a perfect example of style and functionality. The embossed leather provides an upscale elegance that easily transfers from the schoolroom to the boardroom. The full-grain crazy horse leather guarantees that age, wear, and tear serve to increase the backpacks beauty. Why blend into the crowd when you can stand out with a chic, unique bag!


When deciding on a budget for your backpack bear in mind that a high-quality backpack will be more expensive up front, but well worth it in the long run. The price should reflect the quality of the materials and craftsmanship. A bargain looks a lot less appealing when your “bargain” backpack splits its seams and spills your contents. Cheap fabrics and leather knock-offs stain, scratch, and tear. Full-grain crazy horse leather resists tearing, scratching, and staining, and retains its beauty year after year.

The ideal backpack balances appearance with durability. Crazy horse leather has a beautiful vintage patina that provides style and sophistication. This buttery-soft leather is the most durable in the world, making it the ideal choice for a school backpack. Crazy horse leather is easy to care for - simply wipe off moisture when it gets wet and follow up with a leather conditioner to keep the bag supple and soft. That’s it! Clean and condition your bag and it can last for a lifetime – now that’s a great deal!

To see the best collection of authentic, full-grain crazy horse leather backpacks and bags, please see our backpack collection. Happy Back-to-School days!

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