Monogram FAQs and Preview


We offer up to 12 characters. The characters that you select can include lettersnumbers, and other special characters. All characters are in uppercase. We offer the ultimate in personalization!

Our expert Design Team has carefully selected the placement of monogramming for each product. This ensures that each monogram will be in the ideal location for optimal visibility and appeal. Currently, we can only offer monogramming in the standard locations.
Please see this page for placement of monogramming for each product.

We offer the following fonts: 

- Rockwell

- Oswald

- Kalam

- Lobster

- Ubuntu

If no font is selected, the monogram will be in Oswald. We are unable to offer the ability to select a font that is not offered on the product page.

We use a specialized high beam laser machine to provide perfect embossing. The beam performs the engraving process by burning the outer surface of the leather. This leaves a beautiful contrast with a striking tone-on-tone look. Your customized embossing will not damage the leather, in fact, it will develop a rich patina over time. 

Here at Yukon, we care about our workers. All our technicians have been carefully trained and adhere to the highest safety protocols when working with the high beam laser. 

The sizing of the monogram will vary to perfectly fit each item. Please see the list of items that are available for monogramming to see the size of the monogram.

The Font Size for the following items is: 0.23 inches / 0.6 cm 

- Wallets 

- Pen Cases 

- Glass Cases 

- ID Tags 

- Shoulder Pads  

The Font Size for the following items is: 0.30 inches / 0.76 cm

- Toiletry Bags 

- Padfolios 

- Journals  

- Wallet Trays 

- Mouse Pads 

- Laptop Sleeves 

- Clutches

- Purses 

- Fanny Packs 

The Font Size for the following items is: 0.37 inches / 0.94 cm

- Backpacks 

- Tote Bags 

- Briefcases 

- Crossbody Bags 

The Font Size for the following items is: 0.43 inches / 1.1 cm

- Duffle Bags

We have sized each font to perfectly fit each item. We cannot offer the ability to select your font or size at this time. 

We are happy to offer personalized customization for all of our Yukon products.

We employ an embossing technique. Colorization is achieved by various methods which include painting, dyeing, or using heat transferred colored foiling paper. Colors wear off, making the bag (or other items) look worn. It is for this reason that we only offer embossing – the monogram will not fade or discolor, a monogram by Yukon will develop a rich, beautiful patina over time.

Our process of engraving or etching leather results in a debossed effect. This produces a striking contrast that does not age or fade. You can achieve different results depending on the color of the leather that you select. Light-colored leathers produce significant color contrast, so if you need a dynamic color contrast, go with a camel or tan. For more subtle contrast, select a darker leather to be engraved.

We charge a flat rate of $9 for all personalized monogramming. Monogram Fee is automatically added to your shopping cart when you click on the "Buy With Monogramming" button that you can find on the product pages. Removing the Monogram Fee from your shopping cart will impact your product's personalization as we require a $9 fee for each item that is going to be personalized. Unfortunately, we cannot personalize your product if you don't purchase the Monogram Fee.

At the current time, we are only offering to monogram new purchases.

Perfection takes time. Monogramming does add between 1 – 3 business days to your order’s shipping and delivery time. If you need a rush item, please be aware of the extra time that is needed to add a customized monogram.

Items that have been personalized are not eligible for returns or exchanges. Please double-check your order and be sure that all the information is 100% correct before completing your order.

We are happy to assist with high-volume orders. Please contact our Corporate Sales Team at: for any high-volume orders with custom monogramming and/or logo debossing. 

Minimums are based on the retail cost of the product and range from 10-100 pieces. 

Monogram Preview

The placement of monogramming for each product can be seen on this page.