Our Story


We are two entrepreneurs pursuing our passion. We believe in leaving the mundane behind to explore the untrodden depths of the wilderness.

Adventure is the inspiration behind our company’s name! We believe in going beyond the ordinary – to get there, you need a bag that goes above and beyond.

When adventuring into the unknown, you need a bag that you know you can trust. Yukon bags are as hardy as the name implies.

Our spirit of adventure is embodied by our company’s name – Yukon.

We chose a name that expresses the same vibrant spirit as the wild outdoors – Yukon, like the wild and majestic Yukon territory.

We set out to create a bag as bold as the great outdoors, with the same indomitability as our ideology. We carefully selected the best leather that we could find to share with you, focusing on the timeless style that captures our spirit of adventure.

Big dreams require bold actions – which led us to create Yukon Bags. Founded in the U.S.A., we have drawn upon our experiences from around the world to bring you the ultimate in backpacks and other hearty leather goods.

We are making every effort to expand our reach and to make our bags available to like-minded individuals around the world. Share in our passion!