Yukon’s Ultimate Guide to Leather Care

Investing in full-grain leather is investing in quality. Authentic full-grain crazy horse leather is durable - it doesn’t crack, peel, or rip and can survive a lifetime of wear and tear. Leather has a beautiful, timeless elegance that never goes out of style. Leather goes with everything and is an instant upgrade to any outfit.

A leather briefcase in the boardroom looks professional and a leather bag adds a sophisticated touch to any outfit. A leather backpack can easily survive the toughest hike or campout while providing solid protection for your gear. A leather laptop case will shield your precious electronics in style.  

how to clean leather bag

Crazy horse leather is the highest quality leather – it is 100% authentic full-grain leather that has been treated to a special process to help resist damage from the elements. This top-quality leather can last a lifetime with a little bit of care. When you invest your hard-earned money in a fine leather item, it makes sense to invest a little bit of time in caring for it.

Keeping your leather goods in great shape requires very little time or effort. Yukon makes it easy with our handy new leather cleaning kit – all you need to clean, condition, and prevent accidents from causing permanent damage is in one posh, portable pouch.

The Logan Leather Laptop Sleeve by Yukon perfectly showcases the natural beauty of crazy horse leather’s grain. The two generous pockets allow ample space for your laptop’s accessories with room to spare for Yukon’s leather cleaning kit. Keep this kit handy to prevent an accidental spill from becoming a permanent stain. The Logan sleeve is built to outlast the electronics it protects. Keep your sleeve looking as good as new by tucking your emergency leather conditioning kit inside one of the handy pockets.

When you purchase a leather item from Yukon Bags you can be assured that you have a top-quality full-grain crazy horse item. Now you can protect your investment with our convenient leather cleaning kit.

Leather Care

Yukon Bags are crafted from top-quality hides that have been carefully hand-selected for their beauty and durability. Our bags are built to last and with a bit of care will last a lifetime. We use YKK zippers (renowned for their jam-free durability), vintage brass accents (studs, buckles, etc.), and meticulous precision stitching that won’t pull apart or break.

We want your bag to last the lifetime it was built for, so we created our signature leather conditioning cream and kit. Take the guesswork out of finding the right treatment for your leather item- our kit and cream have been specifically developed to provide the perfect leather cleaner and conditioner for crazy horse full-grain leather.

Our goods are created with the highest quality materials and craftsmanship, they are built to last. Our exclusive leather conditioning cream was designed to ensure that each item can retain its beauty and luster over a lifetime of wear and tear.

Keeping your leather looking as good as new has never been easier. Yukon’s lightweight, portable kit is designed to easily fit inside any bag, backpack, or briefcase so that you can always have it on hand.

leather cleaning kit for bags


Cleaning and conditioning your fine leather item once or twice a year will prolong its lifespan and keep the leather looking and feeling as good as new. Leather is an organic material that can lose moisture over time, just like your skin. Conditioning the leather will keep it soft, supple, and water-resistant.

Our skin loses vital oils over time, so we use moisturizer to keep it looking and feeling soft and supple. Leather also loses vital oils over time, leather creams and conditioners are designed to replace these oils and prevent the leather from cracking, peeling, or ripping. 

Leather conditioning creams and waxes offer protection from dirt, dust, moisture, and the elements. Conditioning your crazy horse leather item prolongs the lifespan and helps the leather do what crazy horse leather does best: remain durable, flexible, and supple while transforming scratches, bumps, and dings into a beautiful patina, rich with multi-tonal hues.

The Archibald Leather Duffle Bag by Yukon can brave a lifetime of wear and tear. Over time, the leather develops a rich, lustrous patina that highlights its natural beauty. This rugged duffle bag is ideal for traveling – scuffs and scratches easily transform into subtle hue variations that add to the patina.

Accidental spills and sudden storms pose no problem – toss a leather conditioning kit by Yukon inside the Archibald Duffle for emergency treatments. The Archibald’s vintage design beautifully compliments the striking grain of the crazy horse leather.

Leather Care Kit

Cleaning and conditioning your leather bag once or twice a year yields the following benefits:

  • Cleans and preserves the leather.
  • Removes dirt and dust.
  • Provides additional water resistance.
  • Provides U.V. protection to prevent fading.
  • Replaces vital oils the leather loses due to exposure.
  • Keeps the leather soft, supple, and flexible.
  • Prevents cracking, drying out, and peeling.
  • Preserves the luster and sheen of fine leather.
  • Restores the original color.
  • Helps the leather heal itself and transform scuffs, scratches, and water damage into a rich patina.

 leather conditioning cream

A light maintenance schedule of cleaning and conditioning will enrich the classic look and feel that only top-quality leather provides. Most items only need to be cleaned and conditioned once or twice a year, items that are exposed to extreme wear and tear may need to be conditioned a bit more often, up to three or four times a year. Avoid over-conditioning your leather items, once or twice a year is all that’s needed with normal wear and tear. Over-conditioning will weaken the fibers and can result in the bag losing its shape.

Additional care should be taken to prevent accidents from causing permanent damage.  A quick swipe to clean and condition the leather after accidental exposure to water (and other fluids), dirt, or accidental scratches and bumps will help the leather to repair itself. Just as healthy skin can heal itself, full-grain leather, being an organic material, can also bounce back. A good leather conditioning cream will penetrate the leather, replenishing moisture and nourishing the fibers.

How to use Leather Conditioner to Clean Leather

Crazy horse leather has the distinctive ability to transform scratches, scuffs, and spills into beautiful multi-tonal hues. Addressing accidents immediately and treating your leather item to an annual conditioning treatment will help in restoring the color and developing a rich patina and luster.

The leather’s patina is a hallmark of high quality. Only full-grain leather can develop a patina. A well-developed patina creates a unique variety of subtle hues, creating a sheen that looks richer and better with time, wear, and tear. Each patina is as unique as the individual.

The patina tells the story of the times and adventures your bag has spent with you. Each accidental spill, scratch, scuff, bump, or ding creates a subtle deepening of the hue that adds character and a soft, multi-tonal sheen. Full-grain leather is the only leather that can develop a patina, lower grades of leather do not have this attribute.

Crazy horse leather is full-grain leather that has been treated to be exceptionally water-resistant and is prized for its ability to transform scratches and scuffs into a striking patina. A true patina can only be created with time, wear, and tear. A rich patina reflects the story of your life. A patina is also proof that your item is created from the highest quality leather.



Accidents happen. Trekking through the uncharted wilds will expose your leather to the elements. Blazing hot sunlight will fade leather and an unexpected rain shower can leave stains. Shoving your duffle bag into an overhead bin can result in scuff marks and scratches. A briefcase or laptop sleeve sitting on top of a desk is a likely target for an accidental splash of water or hot coffee. Every time you sling your tote or handbag over your shoulder to go shopping, odds are good that you’ll collect a few scratches, scuffs, or dings.

Avoiding accidents is impossible, however, avoiding the damage they cause is completely avoidable. Remember, crazy horse leather has the unique ability to transform spills, scratches, scuff marks, and dings into a tapestry of subtle hues. These markings, when promptly cleaned and conditioned, create a luxurious patina that showcases the beauty and quality of the crazy horse leather.

In the past, lugging around all the supplies to clean and condition your fine leather item was impractical.  We created Yukon bags with the adventurous spirit in mind, so we realized that an efficient, practical means of caring for your fine leather was a necessity. We worked with leading experts to create not only an exceptional leather conditioning cream to prolong the lifespan and beauty of your item, but to create a lightweight, portable kit that’s sized perfectly to go everywhere and anywhere you need.

The Plume Messenger Bag by Yukon is a go-everywhere, rough-and-ready bag that perfectly showcases a striking patina with time, wear, and tear. This versatile bag has pockets galore with abundant room for Afon leather conditioning kit. With a dedicated laptop compartment, built-in keychain holder, and ample organizational capabilities, the Plume can take you through the day with ease. Use one of the multitudes of pockets to keep the leather conditioning kit on hand, ready to tackle whatever type of accidental damage the world throws your way.

The best way to prevent accidental markings from turning into permanent damage is to address the problem area immediately. Caring for your leather to fix accidental damage includes the process used to maintain the leather, so before learning the steps to address each individual issue, you need to know how to clean and condition your leather for annual maintenance:



1-EMPTY THE BAG: Before cleaning your item, check the pockets and interior to be sure that your bag/backpack/etc. is completely empty.

2-DUST: Use your dry applicator sponge or a dry soft cloth to gently wipe away dust, dirt, moisture, or anything else on the item’s surface. Wipe the interior with the same dry applicator or cloth.

3-TEST: Apply a small amount of leather conditioning cream with your clean applicator sponge. Buff away any excess conditioner. Leather conditioners can sometimes darken the leather so it’s a good idea to always test a spot first. Check the color after the test area has dried. Always use a small amount of conditioning cream, too much conditioner can darken the leather.

4-APPLY: Apply the conditioning cream directly onto the applicator sponge, not directly onto the leather. (Never apply the cream directly onto the leather). Using circular motions, go section by section, using the sponge to gently apply a thin layer of conditioning cream until the entire exterior has been treated.

5-BUFF: Buff away any excess conditioner. It’s best to use a soft white cloth to buff away the extra conditioner to avoid transferring color from the cloth.

6-LET IT DRY: Store your item in a cool, dry place and let it air dry. Never apply heat to leather. Blow dryers, heaters, etc. will damage the leather, so avoid using heat or trying to speed up drying time. Time and patience will do the best job – just let your leather air-dry naturally.

How to Clean and Condition Your Leather Goods 


Leather bags, backpacks, etc. typically need to be cleaned and conditioned once or twice a year. Items that are consistently exposed to harsh elements (extreme heat, rainy weather, etc.) can be conditioned up to 3-4 times per year.

should be avoided, as that can weaken the leather and leave your bag shapeless. Over-conditioning leaves a sticky residue that attracts dust and grime. Dirt and dust stick to the greasy residue, which can cause problems like stretching, creasing, and the bag losing shape. Too much conditioner can prevent the leather from breathing and cause the fibers to swell and weaken.

There are two ways to over-condition the leather – one is to condition too often, and the other is to apply too much conditioner at a time. A thin coat is all that’s needed. Think of how you use hair conditioner – the right amount leaves the hair soft, shiny, and lustrous. Too much conditioning leaves the hair greasy, shapeless, and limp. Like hair, leather is an organic material – a little bit of conditioning cream goes a long way.

How to Protect Your Leather Goods

how to protect your leather goods

Maintaining your leather
item with annual cleaning and conditioning will keep your leather looking and feeling as good as new while extending the bag’s lifespan. To keep your leather looking great, accidental spills and scratches need to be addressed immediately.

Yukon’s leather cleaning kit is designed to be the ideal size to toss into any bag, briefcase, etc. so you can always be prepared to tackle any emergency. The leather pouch the kit comes in is lightweight and portable - a lot of our customers like to reuse the crazy horse leather pouches; they make great coin or pen and pencil holders!

Yukon’s handy-dandy leather cleaning kit has all the supplies you need (the leather-conditioning cream and the applicator) to clean up any accidental damage quickly and efficiently. The supplies are packaged in a lightweight, reusable leather pouch.

Here are the steps you need to follow to keep your crazy horse leather looking its best:

Wipe away any dirt or dust with a clean, dry cloth or your applicator. Rub the scratched area with a circular motion to help redistribute whatever wax coating is left over from the previous conditioning treatment.

Apply the leather conditioning cream directly onto the clean applicator, then rub in a circular motion over the scratched area. Buff away any excess conditioning cream. Let the area air-dry naturally.

For a deep scratch, you can use the conditioning cream to bring the leather back to its previous condition. The scratch will subtly change hue and become part of the lustrous patina. Do not use heat to dry the leather (or any sections of the leather), let it air-dry naturally.

Spills should always be wiped away immediately. Stains can be removed by rubbing the area with a soft, damp sponge. Leather is organic, water or other fluids will displace the natural oils surrounding the fibers. If the spill is left untreated it will leave the unprotected fibers exposed to the air- this can cause stains, cracking, and dryness.

  • Cleaning off the spill and treating the area with leather conditioning cream will replace the vital oils necessary to keep the bag’s suppleness and shape. Yukon’s leather conditioning cream is designed to seep into the pores, keeping the leather’s natural color, softness, and shape.
  • Use a soft, dry cloth to gently wipe away any spills. Apply the conditioning cream directly onto the applicator (not the item) and gently rub it on the affected area using a circular motion. Only use a small amount, a little goes a long way.
  • Use a soft, dry, * white cloth or the dry side of your applicator to buff away any excess cream.
  • Let the bag air-dry naturally. Never use heat to shorten the drying time – leather must air-dry in a cool, dry place.

contains natural oils that keep it soft, flexible, and durable. Water displaces these oils, and if left untreated the oils will combine with the water molecules and evaporate along with the moisture. This leaves the fibers unprotected and the leather prone to cracking, drying, or peeling. A sudden storm won’t destroy your leather (it is water-resistant), however, you should dry off your leather item as soon as possible.

Never leave a leather bag sitting wet.

  • To avoid the damage that water (or other fluids) can cause, use a dry, soft cloth to wipe away all the moisture. Do not use artificial means to dry the item, heat and blow-dryers can cause irreparable damage to the leather.
  • Dry the item with a soft, dry, *white cloth.
  • Apply a tiny amount of leather conditioning cream to the applicator. Going section by section, use circular motions to apply a thin coating of the cream. Gently buff away any excess cream.
  • Let the bag air-dry. To help the bag hold shape you can stuff it before drying. Use clean, dry *white cloths to stuff the bag.

Never let a bag dry wet – always apply leather conditioner before leaving the leather to dry. The conditioner will lubricate the spaces left by water evaporation to prevent the leather from becoming brittle or cracking. Let the leather air-dry, never use heat on leather.

*Colors can transfer onto leather. A white cloth should always be used to prevent color transference onto your leather.

Don’t be afraid of getting your leather bag wet. Having Yukon’s leather care kit handy allows you to prevent accidental water damage from becoming a permanent stain. It only takes a moment to ensure the bag’s long lifetime of beauty when your kit is conveniently within reach.

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