How To Store Leather Backpack

How To Store Leather Bags?

You’ve probably already realized that there is something pretty special about having a leather bag. It has character and personality that is missing in other packs. They also require a little bit of extra care to keep them in good condition and ready for whatever adventure you have planned next.


Avoid Humidity

Humidity is the enemy of any leather item and you must store your items in a way that keeps them safe from it as much as possible. You want to store your leather items in a place that is cool and dry. Humidity in the air means moisture and moisture can lead to mold and too much moisture can even cause your leather to rot. High humidity areas such as attics and basements should be avoided as potential storage areas for your leather items. You should also make sure to avoid sunlight when storing your bags as this can fade the color and cause the bags to dry out.

Choose a Proper Storage Container for Your Leather

If you are planning to put your leather bags up for a significant period of time you might consider putting them in a storage bag or tote. You want to make sure that whatever container you choose is breathable. Proper airflow is necessary to keep the bags dry and cool. An easy way to make a breathable container is to get a sealed plastic bag and poke holes in it. Make sure air can flow above and below your leather bags. You can also choose a pillowcase or other fabric bag. Never put your leather bag in a sealed plastic tote because this will not allow the leather to breathe.

Storing Your Leather Bags

You don’t want to store your leather bag by hanging it. This can stretch out the handles of the bag over time. Another tip is to stuff the bag full of bubble wrap, acid-free paper or plastic air cushion bags so that it will keep its shape. Avoid using newspaper as the ink can transfer to the leather.


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