What is the Difference Between a Backpack and a Rucksack?

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What? You mean you don’t know?

Okay, we’re joking because the answer will likely vary from person to person. There isn’t any clear and concise definition for one or the other. Think of it like this a backpack was a term coined by the United States to refer to a pack (or sack) that you carry on your back. A rucksack comes from the German words “Rucken” meaning “back” and sack meaning “bag” or pack. So a rucksack is basically a backpack.

So if you’re looking online and getting the two confused you’re not alone. We’re going to help you understand what are some differences you’ll usually see when talking about a backpack and a rucksack.

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What is a Backpack?

When most people think of backpacks, they probably think of the things students keep their school books in. Or if you’re fond of the outdoors you might think of the bag you use to carry everything you need for hiking or spending a day in the woods. The general idea of a backpack is something that you carry on your back and has enough space for what you’d need for the day.

Typically, a backpack isn’t what you would bring for an overnight trip or a longer excursion because it doesn’t have space. A backpack will typically have numerous pockets and can have a main opening from the top, sides or middle. It might have multiple large openings to divide your things and access them easily. Our leather backpacks are great for anything you have in mind for the day.

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What is Rucksack?

A rucksack is like a backpack but it can be a little different. It usually has one main opening at the top of the back. It might have a few smaller ones but typically a large one at the top. More openings mean more weight and since a rucksack is designed for carrying more stuff, the lighter the pack the better. A rucksack is typically made to carry everything you’d need for a few days and that’s why it’s commonly used by the military. It is a great way to keep a soldier’s gear ready to go and keep it light enough for a soldier to carry over long distances.

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