What is Genuine Leather?

What is Genuine Leather?

Genuine leather is a vague term but it typically refers to the leather after the top layer of skin has been taken off. The top layer of skin tends to be tough and hard to work with and therefore not suited to soft leather goods. Genuine leather is made completely from leather and it does not include any other additives or fillers. However, it is made from the lowest grade of leather. It is not full grain or top grain leather but rather what is left over after these higher quality leathers have been created that is why we use only full-grain leather for all of our products.

Genuine leather sounds good but it is only used for cheaper made goods and not for high-quality leather items. While genuine leather may look like high-quality leather because it is painted and embossed, it will not hold up the way a top-grain or full-grain leather bag would. It will show it’s wear over time and the color will fade or change over time. Another downside to this type of leather is that it is also more susceptible to stains.

However, when properly cared for a genuine leather product can last for several years. It is also much more affordable for someone looking for a leather item but does not have the budget for a high-end bag. The biggest thing to remember about genuine leather is that it is among the lowest quality of the leather (only above bonded leather) and you should not pay a premium price for leather that only sounds like it is of the highest quality.

When you make a purchase, be sure that you pay for full-grain leather as our Yukon Bags

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