Types of Bags

The Types of Bags

We offer a wide range of unique bags at Yukon bags and knowing the right one for you can be difficult. Here are just a few of the different types of bags and their uses.


Backpacks are the most common type of bag used by students and hikers. They are able to carry everything that is needed and distribute the weight over the shoulders. Backpacks can vary in style and number of pockets depending on their intended use. For example, our Harper backpack has a top opening and a number of pockets for organizing supplies. Our Hess backpack in contrast only has a single opening at the top and is perfect for books, notebooks, and laptops.

Messenger Bags

Briefcases are typically used in the workplace and in recent years designed to carry laptop computers. They are made to carry less weight than a backpack because they are carried by one hand or over a single shoulder. Briefcases tend to have a more professional style and look to them much like our Plume Messenger Bag

Travel Bags

Travel bags are used by people who are planning a long trip and need the space to carry a number of belongings with them. Many people also refer to these as suitcases or luggage. Typically, they have wheels for easy transport and come in a number of sizes and styles.


Weekender is a small bag that is made for a trip that is only expected to last a few days. Some people may also call it a carry-on bag because it is the size of a bag you can carry on a plane. These bags are also typically on wheels but are much smaller than most travel bags.


A satchel is a type of bag that hangs on the shoulder but crosses over the body so that the bag rests on the opposite hip from the shoulder the strap is on. These bags are good for carrying just a few items or a laptop computer. These bags used to be the choice of bike couriers and paperboys because they were comfortable to wear for long periods and were more secure than say a messenger style bag.


Briefcase are bags that are typically carried over one shoulder and do not always cross the body. They are more likely to have a secure closure because messengers would need to keep important documents safe. Today messenger bags are often the choice of students or professionals that are looking for something less formal than a briefcase.

Duffle Bags

Duffle bags are larger bags that tend to be cylindrical and seal at the top. They have handles and a shoulder strap. Duffle bags are typically used for storing more items like clothing and supplies that won’t be carried for extended periods of time because it is only slung over one shoulder. They are great for overnight or weekend travel. Yukon Bags has a number of high-quality leather duffle bags here.

Tote Bags

Tote bags are small bags that can be carried over the shoulder that are good for groceries or a few books or small items. They are usually made of canvas or other fabric. Tote bags are also popular for the beach because they tend to dry out quickly. You may check our totes here.

Bucket Bags

A bucket bag is a tall bag with a circular cross-section that is typically closed with a drawstring. It is so-called because it resembles the shape of a bucket. Bucket bags are part of a growing trend in handbags and are becoming popular as a smaller version of the larger tote style purses.

Camera Bags

Camera bags range from general bags that are good for storing cameras to bags that are specially designed to carry certain types of cameras. For a high-quality camera, it is necessary to have a high-quality bag that will protect it without damaging it. A wide range of materials is used for camera bags from fabric and canvas to durable leather. 

Whatever style of bag you need for your next adventure Yukon Bags has a durable and high-quality option that will be just right for you.

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