The Best Way To Organize Your Tote

A tote is the ultimate go-everywhere bag. A good tote bag is not only a fashion choice – it can be a necessity. Switching from one bag to the next throughout the day isn’t practical – a good tote can easily take you from the gym, to work or school, and transition into an evening out. If trying to pack one bag to take you through the entire day seems daunting, help is here. In this article, you can learn the best way to pack your all-purpose tote.

STEP 1 on making your life easier is selecting a great tote bag. Look for one that is large enough to hold everything you need for the day, while looking appropriate for both work and play.

The Morley tote bag by Yukon is a newer addition to the market – and one that you may find yourself obsessed with! This bag is crafted of authentic crazy horse leather and is available in three gorgeous colors. The Morley is sturdy enough to sling around at the gym, or even on a hike, while the beautiful styling helps this bag transition from play to work and back again.

Let’s face it – a plastic or cloth tote may be cute, but how professional do they look? A well-crafted leather tote can replace a briefcase, a gym bag, and a purse. Yukon has created a tote that looks professional and polished - its chic styling and meticulous detailing give the Morley an edge over other totes.

Morley Tote Bag

is packing your tote bag. A checklist of everything that you will need for the day is a terrific idea. You can use the checklist in this article to make packing your tote easy-breezy or create one of your own.

So – how do you take a tote from play to work and back again? Here is the ultimate guide to packing your tote bag:


how to organize my tote

Gym or Hike:

Some like to start the day at the gym, others prefer a brisk walk, hike, or run. For the gym, you will need your gym clothes, sneakers, and shower shoes, and of course, all your toiletries. Toss a few plastic bags into your tote (old grocery bags are perfect) to hold your wet swimsuit, sweaty clothing, and shower shoes. Roll the clothing to take up less space.


A toiletry kit is essential –The Keele toiletry bag is a great choice. This little bag is roomy enough for your makeup, deodorant, and toothbrush, and its sleek design leaves plenty of room for everything else. Plastic baggies to hold wet soap, facial cleanser, and leaky items like shampoo are a must.

Dry shampoo is a terrific idea for when you are short on time. You can toss in a water bottle and a few snacks to keep yourself fueled throughout the day. A hairbrush and a pack of oil-blotting facial wipes will keep you looking fresh all day and well into the night. Add hand sanitizer and a pack of wet wipes and you’re off and running!


A laptop is one thing most people cannot do without. Whether you are headed for work or school, you will need a tote that is sturdy enough to safely hold and protect your electronics. The Morley tote can hold a 15” laptop, leaving plenty of room for everything else. A bonus with the Morley is its detachable cotton inner liner – the liner has 3 separate compartments and a large, attached leather pocket to provide extra organization. The center compartment zips shut with a YKK zipper – these sturdy zippers glide smoothly and are so well-crafted that they practically never jam or break. If you need to super-stuff your tote for the day, remove the liner to provide ample extra space.


A notebook is vital for students, and a few pens and pencils always come in handy. The Augusta leather pen case is a nifty little case that can keep your stuff organized without taking up much space. The Morley has a convenient attached key clip (inside, near the top), so you’ll never need to rummage around for your keys. Toss in a pair of shades and glasses if you need them, with the Monolith eyeglass case by Yukon for added protection. This sturdy leather case provides great protection for your glasses, and the elegant embossing is a nice touch. The Morley has a convenient leather pocket on the outside – your cell phone, hand sanitizer, and a couple of lipsticks can easily fit, for quick and easy access. Be sure to pack your phone and laptop chargers. Toss in a wallet for your credit cards and cash, and you are good to go!

Small Goods

Evening Out:

If you are planning on a night out, you can toss Laberge clutch into your tote. It can hold the jewelry that you will need for the evening. Once the jewelry is on, you can toss your wallet, keys, and lipstick into the clutch, and you are set for even the fanciest evening!


A well-packed tote can simplify your day. A great tote can simplify your wardrobe by replacing three separate bags with one. For a terrific selection of totes designed to effortlessly travel from work to play, check out the distinctive totes at Yukon Bags.

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