Pack Like A Pro: How To Pack Your Duffle Bag For Traveling

A good, sturdy duffle bag can help take the hassle out of traveling – especially when you know how to pack like a pro.

A duffle bag is ideal for hikers, backpackers, and other outdoor enthusiasts, as a duffle can hold more than a suitcase while remaining lightweight. Traditional duffle bags are lighter and more pliable than their wheeled counterparts, making them easier to strap onto a roof-rack or a pack animal.

Duffle bags are also ideal for business travelers – most bags come in TSA approved sizes (the Archibald Leather duffle at is TSA compliant and can hold more than an equally sized suitcase).

How To Pack Your Duffle Bag For Traveling

Think of your duffle bag as a great multipurpose bag. Adventurers need a reliable bag – tough enough to survive the untamed wilderness, large enough to hold all the gear, and soft enough to fold up and stash somewhere out of the way. Business travelers need a sturdy, TSA-compliant bag that is both durable and stylish enough to fit in at any business-related event. Duffle bags can easily be stuffed into overhead bins and Leather duffle bags look smart. With their soft, pliant outer shells and roomy interiors, duffle bags have the flexibility you need to take on any type of trip. The Avalanche Leather Duffle Bag is the perfect example of a tough, dependable bag with a striking vintage look that is elegant enough to take everywhere.

Packing your duffle to optimize space does not have to be a challenge. With a bit of preparation and organization, packing your duffle bag can be a breeze. Here are 10 simple steps to pack a duffle bag:

1-Make a list. Include vitally important items like medications and chargers on this list. Be careful not to overpack – if your bag weighs more than 50 lbs., it will not make it through the TSA checkpoint. For hikers and camping enthusiasts – remember, you are going to be hauling that bag on your treks, be sure that it is light enough to carry.

2-Heaviest items go on the bottom, lighter items on top. Placing shoes and other heavy items at the bottom of the bag prevents lighter things from being crushed. This also helps to form a sturdy base.

Avalanche Duffle Bag

3-Roll socks, gloves, and other small items, and stuff into your shoes. This helps your shoes to retain shape while optimizing space.

4-Roll pants, shirts, undergarments, and tops, into tight cylinders. Smooth your clothing as you roll to prevent wrinkling. Rolling your clothing keeps items in better (wrinkleless) condition and does a terrific job of optimizing space.

5-Provide an extra barrier between your items and your (potentially leaky) toiletries. Place toiletries into a plastic, zippered bag before putting them into your designated toiletry bag. Next, place this bag into a zippered compartment in your duffle.

6-Group smaller items like snacks, electronics, chargers, and batteries, into separate bags. Mesh or compartment bags work great, large zippered baggies will also work in a pinch.

Archibald Duffle Bag
7-Wrap shoes in plastic before packing. Shoes pick up a lot of dirt! Shoes and all your heavy items go on the bottom of the duffle bag, lighter things on top. The Archibald leather duffle bag  has a convenient, zippered outer pocket that keeps shoes separate from clothing.

8-Layer your clothing on top of the shoes. You can separate clothing items by color or separate work clothing from play clothes. Place the items you will need first on top.

9-Arrange your smaller bags on top of the clothing. Now is the time to add the smaller items that you organized in Step 6. Place the things that you will need quick access to on top. Important documents like your driver’s license and passport should go somewhere safe and secure. If you will not need immediate access, stuffing them into your shoes before packing or at the bottom of the bag is ideal. If you are in an airport and need quick access, a zippered pocket is convenient and secure. You can add a small lock for extra protection.

10-Use small items to fill in gaps and spaces. Even a small duffle bag can hold a lot – optimize space by filling in gaps with socks and other small stuff. Additionally, you can slide magazines and books around the sides of the bag – this creates a hard, outer shell that provides extra protection to your belongings.

Check off items on your list as you pack. Folding and packing a smaller duffle inside your larger one is perfect for when you are hiking (or having a business lunch) and don’t need to be lugging the full-size bag. Every bag is 100% authentic full-grain, crazy horse leather – the most dependable, and beautiful, leather in the world. We hope you enjoy our selection of beautifully sturdy vintage leather bags.

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