How to Clean a Leather Backpack?

How to clean a leather backpack, your leather backpack is an investment, something that you plan to use on all your adventures for years to come. Yet sometimes those adventures get messy and your prized leather backpack gets dirty. For some having these stains and blemishes help tell the stories of the adventures, the bag has been on and for others, they are just stains. If you want to remove stains or just keep your leather backpack looking clean there are steps you can take.

Don’t Use Home Remedies to Clean Your Leather Backpack

If you search how to clean your backpack, you’ll find tons of remedies from wet wipes to lemon juice and just about everything in between. While some of these might work, they also run the risk of damaging or weakening the leather. You also run the risk of getting bad advice and making the stains in your bag worse. Your best bet is to buy a leather cleaner that is specially designed to clean a leather bag.

Step by Step Guide to Cleaning Your Leather Backpack

The first thing that you want to do is empty out your bag. Next, take a toothbrush with soft bristles and brush away any dirt and debris that is on the bag. You want to make sure you get it all because if you have debris on the bag when you clean it, you could scratch the leather.

Once the debris has been removed you can take the professional leather cleaner that you purchased and test it on a small, inconspicuous spot to make sure it works and does not damage your bag. Once you are sure it works, follow the instructions on the cleaner to clean any spots on your leather backpack.

If the leather cleaner doesn’t work you might want to seek help from a professional. If the stain is set in or is an ink stain it might be too tough for at-home cleaning products. There are professionals who can clean the leather bag for you and will be able to clean the bag without damaging it.

After you have cleaned your bag it is a good idea to give it good conditioning.

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